Tailgating Rules

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• Charcoal and propane grills, must be supervised at all times
• Consumption of alcoholic beverages by persons of legal drinking age
• Portable generators that are quiet with minimal exhaust, does not interfere with others' enjoyment, and are safely used
• Tents and awnings that do no block adjacent parking spaces, impede drive aisles
• One parking space per vehicle
• Only 8’ x 8’ tents or smaller due to needing a clear pathway for emergency vehicles.


• No R.V.’s or oversized vehicles
• Open fires fueled by wood or other combustible materials of any kind
• Kegs, party balls or other large beverage containers
• No fighting or profanity
• No deep fat fryers allowed
• Glass containers of any kind, including bottles and cups
• Pets, except service animals
• Weapons, possession and carrying
• Large furniture items
• Promotional or marketing activities without appropriate authorization
• Sale of products (including “ticket scalping”), food, or beverages
• Obstructing adjacent parking spaces and drive aisles

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